Twin-Ribbon enabled tweeter


Twin-Ribbon enabled tweeter (Paragon VL-2 , CL-2, CL-2i, CL-3) Equipped with Volent/LCY’s patent Twin-Ribbon tweeter which give clearest and liquid like timbre up to 60,000Hz. Conventional ribbon tweeter with 6cm or above in length, it got a problem with narrow sweet spot. With Volent/LCY’s patented twin ribbon enabled tweeter ,because […]

Hextech enabled midrange/woofer


Hextech enabled midrange/woofer (Chorale CL Series) Special selected by Volent Engineer midrange/woofer, with hexagon shape voice coil, magnetic flux between magnestic system can be maximize and then maximize bass performance with is equivalent to normal 8″ woofer.

Arrow Cut Cabinet Design


Arrow cut design top board to minimize standing wave effect Volent’s engineer designed with innovative arrow cut top board minimize standing wave effect which gives better timble performance

Flexible metal grille


Flexible metal grille for extra protection Flexible metal grille was designed for Chorale CL series, music lover can turn on and off with extra flexibility.

Vertical placed Crossover


Vertical Placed Crossover for minimize bass vibration (Paragon VL-2, Chorale CL Series) Volent’s engineer developed vertical placed crossover to minimize PCB vibration. which gives distinctive clear bass performance for music lovers.

100% pure wool filling


100% Wool Filling All Volent Paragon VL & Chorale CL Series filled with pure sheep wool. Sheep wool which not just minimize the board reflection but also gives the better and lower bass performance.

Titanium/Graphite sandwich based Woofer


Titanium sandwich base cone woofer All Paragon Series loudspeaker equipped with special selected Titanium/Graphlite sandwich base cone woofer which perform bass with greatest details which is the best in the world.

100KHz ultra high frequency


Embeded Super Tweeter go up to 100KHz With Volent’s patented Twin Ribbon super tweeter, special selected Paragon Series loudspeaker system can go up to 100KHz which fit for playing SACD,DVD-audio CD.

HexaDamp Damping structure


Hexadamp damping structure VOLENT’s latest development, HexaDamp structured damping board. Hexagon structure was a proven strcutrue for its stiffness from nature. VOLENT developed and bring it to the High End audio engineering to increase its stiffness and minimized self vibration.

Bottom forwarded reflex port


Bottom forwarded reflex port structure Paragon VL-3.5 was specially engineered with bottom forwarded reflex port structure, which give the bass reflection in to 360 degree.