Question : What is “Twin-Ribbon Technology” ? In what way will it increase my enjoyment of music. In what way is it superior to other high-frequency drive units?

Answer : The “Twin Ribbon Tweeter” is a development of Volent’s sister company LCY, and is a patented product. It reproduces the high-frequencies and harmonics which make reproduced music sound “live”. As one enthusiastic listener put it, ” It is like lifting a curtain from the music.” More technical information may be found under our “Technology” section.

Question : What Guarantee does Volent offer and how long is it?

Answer : Volent’s Customer Support is through its worldwide dealer network and the support period is adjudged by those dealers. Your first recourse is through your professional dealer.

Question : How can I purchase a Volent product?

Answer : You can simply click “Contact us” and detail your requirements: we shall respond within 24 hours. We are careful in selecting our overseas representatives and if the “right man” has not been appointed in your area – then we are the “right man” for the time being!

Question : As a new brand – what is your customer committment?

Answer : Our aim is to produce the best with the best materials and to provide customeer service to match. Whatever your query we will respond within 24 hours.