VL-4 Technology

100k_picBuild In Volent’s Patented Twin-Ribbon Super Tweeter

With Volent/LCY’s patented Twin Ribbon tweeter,VL-4 performs from 20Hz up to 100,000Hz without compromise on details.

titanium-pic7″ Titanium sandwich base cone midrange drive unit

7″ midrange unit cone is made of latest technology, Inner layer is made of Syntactic Polymer Hardfoam, outer layer is Graphite with Titanium on its surface Combined with Graphite’s elasticity, Titanium’s stiffness and specially designed copper Faraday Ring. Counter-electromotive force is minimized and gives the fastest and highest dynamic midrange.

100-pic100% Wool Filling

All Volent Paragon VL Series filled with pure lamp wool which gives the best bass performance.

point-to-point-iconPoint-to-Point wiring crossover

In order to maintain the highest quality, All Paragon VL-4 system are handcrafted with point-to-point crossover by Volent senior technican with highest grade silver solder.

port-design-iconTwin reflex port design

Paragon VL-4 designed with twin reflex port , reaches the lowest bass down to 20Hz possible.

hexcone_woofer12 inches(330mm) Nomex Hexcone woofer

12″ Nomex Hexcone woofers perform with the most dynamic and fastest impulse response. The cone is made of Kelvar and Nomex material in sandwich structure.