Paragon VL-3 (MK II) awarded Best Sound of CES 2012 from


“Paragon VL-3, I was absolutely astonished at the incredibly high resolution – coupled by a natural and vivid presentation”

Quote from, Feb, 2012

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Paragon VL-3 reviewed by on June, 2009


“The Paragon VL-3’s sound is clean and wide opened”

Quote from Jun/2009

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Paragon VL-3 awarded 2008 Most Wanted Components Publisher Award from


“This sexy little debutante has got me singing its praises.”

Quote from

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VL-3 reviewed by on Mar/2008


“My gosh, I can even make out the words, Ma,” I hollered to the resident Love Goddess in my enthusiasm.”

quote from Neil Walker,,Mar/2008

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Paragon VL-3 Reivewed by Hi Fi Review magazine of Hong Kong, Feb/2008


’When I listened to “Auturn in Seattle”, every key pressed on the piano can be clearly seems, just shocked me.

translated and quote from the reivew, Feb/2008

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Paragon VL-3 was reviewed by at Nov/2007


‘Vocals were lifelike with excellent articulation and no evidence of nasality or chesty tones.” “Not only does the bass seem to extend down to 28Hz, but it’s tight and tuneful with no distortion, and it’s easy to follow the bass lines, as bass depth is not achieved at the expense of articulation.”

quote from, November/2007

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