VL-3(MKII) Overview

With the Introduction of first paragon VL-3 in 2007 ,  VL-3 recevied numbersous awards and mertis from media and audiophile worldwide.  In 2012,  VOLENT introduce the new NEW version of Paragon VL-3,  Paragon VL-3(MKII)  , with even higher detail and bring the definition of fidelity to further extension.

VOLENT Twin Ribbon tweeter goes up to 100KHz

The Paragon VL – 3 is equipped with self made patented 2.5cm “Twin-Ribbon” super tweeter able to produce the harmonics and high frequencies which “lift the curtain” on musical reproduction to give the listener a sense of presence as never before.

Titaninum/Carbon Fiber/Polymar foam sandwich cone woofer

Paragon VL-3 equipped with one of the most advanced 7 inch woofer in the world,  the wofer cobmined with the latest production engineering technique and highest craftmanship.  For its 5layers cone,  the non-woven carbon fiber combined with Middle layer Polymar foam was chosen for ites light weight and high elasticity and vapored titanium give the cone its highest stiffness .  The result is greatest dynamic with fastest transient response.

Highest craftsmanship with point to point wiring crossover

All Paragon VL-3 equipped with crossver which is soldered by VOLENT senior engineer with point to point wiring ,  it can ensure the signal can go through the whole chain without any limitation and bottlenextk.  The result is smooth response even in extreme high volume situation.

Cereamic midrange gives the greatest detail

Paragon VL-3(MKII) equipped with igest standard ceramic based midrange drive unit,  which does not give the richest midrange and performs with high definition.


wbt-post-highlight   -all Paragon VL-3MarkII equipped with Germany made WBT speaker Terminal.

100-pic-100% wool filling which ensure mid/bass is rich ,sweet with detail.

vl3-spike  -Vibration controlled speaker spike ,  All Paragon VL-3Mark II equipped wit hVOLENT tailor made Aluminjum/Copper speaker spikes,  which ensure the vibration on the the floor cannot transmit to thespeaker.