VL-3.5 Technology

100k_picBuild In VOLENT’s Patented Twin-Ribbon Super Tweeter

With VOLENT/ /LCY’s patented Twin Ribbon tweeter,VL-3.5 performs up to 100,000Hz without compromise on details.

titanium-picTitanium/Non-woven Carbon Fiber midrange/woofer

Midrange/woofer unit cone is made of latest technology, Inner layer is made of Syntactic Polymer Hardfoam, outer layer is non-woven carber fiber with Titanium on its surface. Combined with Graphite’s elasticity, Titanium’s stiffness and specially designed copper Faraday Ring. Counter-electromotive force is minimized and gives the fastest and highest dynamic midrange and bass reproduction.

hexadamp-iconHexaDamp damping structure

VOLENT’s latest development , HexaDamp strucutred damping board. Hexagon structure was a proven strcuture for its stiffness from nature. VOLENT developed and bring it to the High End Audio engineering to increase its stiffness and minimized self vibration.

bottom-_reflex_iconBottom forwarded reflex port structure

paragon VL-3.5 was specially engineered with bottom forwarded reflex port structure, which gives the bassreflection in 360 degree.

point-to-point-iconPoint-to-Point wiring crossover

In order to maintain the highest quality, All Paragon VL-3.5 system are handcrafted with point-to-point crossover by Volent senior technican with highest grade silver solder.

100-pic100% Wool Filling

All Volent Paragon VL Series filled with pure lamp wool which gives the best bass performance.