VL-3.5 Overview

With the heart of pursuiting the excellent audio reproduction and 2 years on engineering , VOLENT designer extend the loudspeaker technology to a further limit and designed Paragon VL-3.5, a slim 4 ways floorstander with best performance in all High End aspect.

Twin Ribbon and the ceramic

Equipped with VOLENT self developed Twin-Ribbon super tweeter, Paragon VL-3.5 high frequency extends up to 100KHz, one of the few speaker in the world can truly reproduce what captured in LP , SACD and Blu-Ray media.

For VOLENT , we do not just want to reproduce music correctly but in the most elegant manner. For Paragon VL-3.5, Germany made ceramic tweeter was selected and integrated with other components streamlessly.

Titaninum/Carbon Fiber mid/woofer

Paragon series loudspeaker not just concern about the treble , but with the passion for the whole spectrum. Paragon VL-3.5 selected the best 5” & 2 x 7” mid woofer . With its 5 layers surface cone, Paragon VL-3.5 midwoofer combine with the most flexibility and stiffness contradicting characteries.

The midwoofer ‘s surface cone is made of Polymar foam in the middle, non-woven carbon fiber plated on the front and the back and then very fine Titanium was plated on the the fiber surface to increase its stiffness.

HexaDamp (TM)

With its pursuit of excellent mid/bass reproduction, VOLENT developed latest HexaDamp for the Paragon VL-3.5. Hexagon is the strongest shape for standing vibration in nature. VOLENT engineer bring it to the High End audio reproduction.

All Paragon VL-3.5 internal damping board equipped with VOLENT latest engineered HexaDamp Structure. So, it does not just give the cabinet the strongest support but also with minimized self vibration within the system. So, what is mean , is bring the clearest & greatest mid/bass performance to a further limitation.

Bottom forwarded reflex port structure

Paragon VL-3.5 was specially engineered with bottom forwarded reflex port structure, which does not give the bass reflection in a 360 degree.

High end crossover components with point to point wiring

Paragon VL-3.5’s crossover components are all selected base on hours on research and audition. Each components are selected not just base on its material but base on its contribution to the whole system . System are all wired by point to point soldering with Silver solder and silver wires.