VL-2 Technology

twin-r-picTwin-Ribbon enabled tweeter

Equipped with Volent/LCY’s patent Twin-Ribbon tweeter which give clearest and liquid like timbre up to 60,000Hz.

titanium-picTitanium sandwich base cone woofer

All Paragon Series loudspeaker equipped with special selected Titanium sandwich based cone woofer which perform bass with greatest details.

curve-picCurve shape cabinet for minimize vibration

Paragon series designed with special calculated curve shape cabinet for minimize cabinet vibration which gives the clearest bass performance.

vert-picVertical Placed Crossover for minimize bass vibration

Volent once again specially designed vertical placement crossover for minimize vibration caused by air movement triggered by woofer. Which gives clearer bass performance.

100-pic100% Wool Filling

With 100% pure wool filling for Paragon VL-2, the bass damping is better and the bass sound of course is much clearer.