VL-2 Overview

One of the finest book shelf loudspeakers you can find on earth, combining with Volent Patented Twin-Ribbon technology with specially designed 7” titanium cone woofer. Its patented dual Neodymium magnetic system, ‘Air System’ is designed for producing the finest detail you can imagine.

1.5″ Twin-Ribbon enabled Tweeter

Paragon VL-2 performs the best sound quality with Volent’s self made Twin Ribbon Tweeter that pioneering other bookshelf speakers. With unique 1.5″(3.8cm) Ribbon tweeters, Paragon VL-2 performs up to 50,000Hz which gives you the most vivid sound atmosphere.

7″ Graphite/Titanium sandwiched cone woofer

Paragon VL-2 equipped with Graphite/Titanium sandwich based 7″ woofer, so as to perform the best sound quality. The inner cone is made of Syntactic Polymer Hardfoam, outer layer is non-woven carbon fiber with Titanium ionized and sprayed on its surface. The merits of using both Graphite with its elasticity and Titanium’s stiffness are combined and give the details bass.

With its patented ” Air ” system, special designed Copper Faraday Ring, the counter-electomoive force is therefore minimized, the result is the bass is definitely the fastest and without losing any details.

Paragron VL-2 was equipped with distinctive quality wood board, 100% wool fillet and aluminium back plate, constituting a state-of-art combination of your dream loudspeakers.


VL-2 Signature Edition unique feature

Supreme Tweeter for the Signature

With its own latest tweeter development, VL-2 Signature Edion extends the limit and equipped with our latest Supreme tweeter, which is even lighter , thinner , the transisent response is faster than ever.

24K Gold Plated WBT binding Post

For all VL-2 Bookshelf, it is equipped with finest Germany WBT binding Post, Signature Edition goes further with highest end WBT 24K Gold plated binding post in order to ensure finest transmission.

Highest End Crossover components & craftmanship

With more than 6 months audition, VL-2 Signature Edition carefully select the high end suitable compnents with greatest craftmanship. Equipped with Germany made Mundorf Silver/Gold & Supreme capacitors and bond with most highest end Silver/Gold solder, All crossover was soldered by point to point wiring in order to maintain the highest craftmanship.