CL-2 Technology

twin-r-2-picTwin-Ribbon enabled Technology

All Chorale CL Series equipped with Volent/LCY’s patented Twin-Ribbon tweeter go up to 60,000Hz

arrow-picSpecially engineered Arrow cut design top board to minimize standing wave effect

Chorale CL series designed with arrow cut top board minimize standing wave effect which gives better timble performance

100-pic100% Pure Wool Filling

All Chorale CL Series loudspeaker filled with pure wool to maxmize bass performance with the widest and deepest sound image.

vert-picVertical Placed Crossover for minimize bass vibration

Volent’s engineer developed vertical placed crossover for Chorale CL series to minimize PCB vibration. It can gives distinctive clear bass performance for music lovers.

flex-picFlexible metal grille for extra protection

Flexible metal grille was designed for Chorale CL series, music lover can mount the grille on and off with extra flexibility.

Special selected Hextech enabled midrange/woofer

All Chorale CL series selected the best midrange/woofer with hexagon shape voice coil to maximize bass performance with is equivalent to normal 8″ woofer.