VOLENT glads to announce being sole distributor for innuos in HK



We are glad VOLENT Labs is appointed by innuos , UK as being the sole distributor for their product.

innuos as being one of the major all in one music server manufacturer in UK ,  we believe its ZEN and Zenith MKII series will be a very good music server solution for music lovers in Hong Kong.

All Zen MKII , Zenith MKII are equipped with cdripping feature,  low noise usb output,  linear power supply which end user treasured for long time.   They are good and all rounded in all aspect.

All people are welcome for audition for our designated showroom.



VOLENT glad to announce being sole distributor for Audiobyte/Rockna in Hong Kong, China



We are glad VOLENT is being AudioByte and Rockna sole distributor for Hong Kong, Chan from Oct 1 , 2014.

As being the leading DAC manufacturer in the world ,  Audiobyte has been in the DAC development for over 15 years for Hi End audio Market.  With extensive experience in DAC development, Audiobyte start developing their Black Dragon and Hydra Z  in the year 2014.

Black Dragon DSD DAC,  with O type Toroid transformer,  Femto 300fs low jitter clock,  Class A discrete headphone amplifier,  a all in one DAC, amplifier you can never miss!

Hydra Z USB to Coaxial Bridge,  with latest Femto Clock inside,  you will find Hydra Z be the best USB to Coaxial convertor.  With Audiobyte self developed isolatiing buffer,  all USB signal will be isolated and re-buffer from the Hydra Z and send to the coaxial/AES output.

With Femto Clock inside and Word Clock OUT,  you can be sure your DAC and HydraZ will be governed by the best clock and sync between each other under the best clock. for HDMI I2S output ,  you can output up to 24/384PCM and DSD128x DSD.

Rockna Wavedream DAC, with highest  end Discrete R2R module , Rockna self developed Hybrid Filter,  Femto300fs clock and full linear PSU,   Wavedream DAC is one of the best DAC you can find on Earth.


VOLENT Paragon VL-3 (MKII) awarded Best Sound of CES 2012 from Stereotimes.com (2012)


In CES 2012, VOLENT released the latest Paraogn VL-3 (2012 version), and exhibited with MSB Platinum family (DATA IV , DAC IV (Diamond version with Galaxy Clock) and M202 power amplifier). We are so happy to announced the latest developed VL-3 awarded the Best Sound of CES 2012 from StereoTimes.

You may have a look of the video at:

Best Sound of CES 2012 from Stereo Times.com

Best Sound of CES 2012 from Stereo Times.com

CES 2012

ces 2012 3

Paragon VL-2 awareded Editors’ Choice Awards 2010 and 2011 from The Absolute Sound Magazine , US


VOLENT is very pleased to annouced our flagship bookshelf , Paragon VL-2 has been awared Editors’ Choice Awards 2010 and again at 2011 from The Absolute Sound (TAS) Magaine , US and TAS has reviewed the Paragon VL-2 at the issue 201(March 2010). Please kindly review the article at the URL below, Cheers:


Editors’ Choice Awards 2010
VOLENT PARAGON VL-2 The Absolute Sound , US


Editors’ Choice Awards 2011
VOLENT PARAGON VL-2 The Absolute Sound , US

Volent awarded Jimmy Awards for CES 09 from Soundstageav.com


In this year CES show, Volent exhibited our latest work Paragon VL-3.5(Beta) for press and industrial traders’ audition. The feedback is very positive. and we awarded The Jimmy Awards for CES from Soundstageav.com.



The Volent’s Booth at the CES 2009 , Booth 30-331 at The Venetian Hotel.


The Paragon VL-3.5 (Beta) from Volent Audio , a 4 ways floor-standing speaker response 28 ~ 100KHz. With the most accurate and natural sound speaker you can imagine.



Volent introduced Paragon VL-4 at Venetian Hotel, High Performance Audio section of CES 2008


” I listened to my trusty Erin Bode CD in this room and was floored. This is another company that I will be keeping an eye on. Compared to a lot of other speakers I saw at the show, the Volent Paragon VL-4 at $26,500 is something of a bargain.” quote from Dave Thomas , StereoTimes.com

Paragon VL-4 is Volent latest 4 ways loudspeaker system , with 20Hz ~ 100Kz frequency response, Volent/LCY self developed twin ribbon super tweeter, AMT type tweeter, Titanium sandwich base midrange and 12″ Hexcone woofer. It is the best you may find on earth.


Audiophiles listening to Volent Paragon VL-4 performance


Volent exhibited at the Venetian Hotel Meeting Room


Volent showed insidecomponents for Paragon VL series


Volent showing Paragon VL-2, VL-3 and latest speaker VL-4 at CES 2008