History & Philosopy

history-main-picVolent Company History

sp1With over 25 years in High End audio industry, a group of engineers in China and Hong Kong find different ways of making and improving loudspeakers system which reproduce music with finest fidelity.

In year 2002, Volent/LCY invented Twin-Ribbon technology tweeter, it combined with best technology of dome and ribbon tweeter. The Twin Ribbon technology tweeter with 1.5 inches(3.8cm) or 1 inch(2.5cm) in length and 0.006mm thicknest. It got the dispersion performance as dome tweeter with ribbon tweeter’s fast response and details. The brand name for the drive unit therefore called ‘Volent/LCY’ after its creator.

In 2006, Volent/LCY came a new milestone when we established our new range of branded products under the name Volent derived from the phrase, ‘Voice of Excellence’ : signifying not only the quality of reproduced sound but also the vocal appreciation of music lovers.

In year 2007, Volent introduced Paragon Series and Chorale series for music lovers worldwide. Both series utilizied Volent/LCY patented twin-ribbon tweeter.

In year 2008, Paragon VL-4 was engineered for performing the best music with the range from 20Hz to 100,000Hz.



sp3We are ever attentive to the wishes and needs of music-lovers. Our pursuit of excellence is in order to achieve the production of loudspeakers capable of as near perfect reproduction as possible from units which are as pleasing to the eye and the harmony of a room as to the ear and the harmony of the mind.

Volent holds a simple but grand vision.

Believing in the power of music, we seek to manufacture the best reproducers and thus enhance the lives of individuals and families who enjoy life with music.


Volent helds a simple but big vision, we always seek for harmonious excellence, in terms of aesthetic value, truth reproduction value, family harmony value, love-sharing value and… too much to address. We believe in music power, therefore, we fully engaged in and die for making the best loudspeaker for families enjoying life with music.