MH-DA003 DAC -ES9018x2 with Femto clock

 LKS Audio latest Reference class DAC  :   MH-DA003

MDda003 black4




With over one years of research and development ,  LKS audio releasd  the latest MH-DA003 reference class DAC,  equiped with 2 x Es9018 D/A chipset ,  Femto second level clock,  Cardas RCA sockets and remote handset.  it is the best DAC you can find in class.
ES9018 x 2 for dual mono operation

MH-DA003 DAC equipped with ES9018x 2 in mono operation to ensure the S/N Ratio will be the best .   morovver ,  the PCB has been totally redesigned to ensure the most shortest path for all components.

Femto Clock to ensure the lowest jitter
MH-DA003 equipped with latest 82Femto second Clock for governing two ES9018 ,  with this Femto second phase jitter clock , Two ES9018 can have the most accurate heatbeat and reproduce the analog wave with the least distortion and the minumum jitter!
Totally Upgraded power supply components
MH-da003 equipped with Furutech IEC Socket,  Silver plated power wire for sonic purity.  the regulators have been totally upgraded to Linear Technology one from the States.  the power Capacitor has been upgraded to Nichicon MUSE KG reference series .  You cannot find any dac in the world under US2500 price range got this configuration!!
Switchable OpAmp for I/V and Low Pass Filter

Same as the MH-DA002 ,  MH-DA003 equipped with BurrBrown OPA1612 for i/v and low pass filter implementation.  However, the Opamp is totally switchable to any one user desire ,  just need to make sure it is DIP-8 socket with Dual channel one is fine!!

Remote Handset

MH-DA003 equipped with high end elegance aluminum handset,  the handset is drilled from a 25mm thick aluiminum brick and therefore,  there is NO screws from the top and side board.

MH-DA003 with best output sockets
MH-DA003 is equoipped with Cardas Rhodium plated rca socket and Neutrik XLR sockets to ensure all the detail will never being lose!